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Monday - 6:30PM

Tuesday - 6:30PM

Friday - 6:30PM

Saturday - 3PM



Monday - 7:30PM,   8:30PM

Tuesday - 7:30PM,  8:30PM

Thursday - 5:30AM (Yes AM),  6:30PM,  7:30PM

Friday - 7:30PM

Saturday - 4PM


Eternal Youth

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Saturday - 2PM  By Reservation

Our Classes


Train striking, grappling and learn self defense.

Curriculum focuses on the most effective mixed martial art disciplines for real life combat and has been streamlined to develop students’ skills as quickly as possible.

While students study essential mixed martial art fighting systems and learn what makes them work, our instructors examine the true core of what makes any art work, the students themselves. Our instructors work with our students’ abilities, disabilities, strengths and deficits so that together we can map out their personal path to victory and success. Includes belt ranking system.

"Everything I show is something I’ve used in real life. All of it I’ve done either in a fight, at a tournament or has been tested against a resisting opponent."

Rob, Instructor and Head Grappling Coach


Excellent for those who want to lose weight and feel great.

Cardio-kickboxing, strength and conditioning. Emphasis is on physical fitness, mental discipline and getting into fighting shape.  

Led by Long Island’s own current Muay Thai and Kickboxing champion. Burn fat and build muscle alongside one who knows what it takes to be successful and be in the best shape of your life.

Our Students

Adult, Youth and Eternal Youth


Become who you dreamed you could be. Acquire skills that can serve you any time, any place.


Learn discipline and control. Sweat, smile and have fun! Build strength, skills and friendships that last forever.

Eternal Youth

Get loose, limber and powerful! Recapture your youthful vigor. Your limits are not what you think.

"Sometimes it is the people who no one images anything of…who do the things that no one can imagine."

Alan Turing, Mathematician, Code Breaker and Founder of Computer Science


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There is greatness within you. Don’t doubt your potential.

223 Stewart Ave

Garden City NY, 11530

Located in the Studio at the Unitarian Congregation

(516) 400-3773

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